Saturday, June 7, 2008

Update on Construction; Run-ins with border Patrol, private security and Kiwis

Here's a video I took today inside Smuggler's thinking I'd get some good footage on a Sunday when there aren't any construction vehicles at work.

I didn't get any shots or audio of it but private security guards asked me to leave the staging area where all the vehicles are set up about a half mile east of Smuggler's behind the water treatment plant. There were also private security guys inside Smuggler's gulch.

Here's my attempt to get into the same area while construction was going on on Thursday 5th of June. I managed to get a picture of the mound of fill dirt.

These are before and after pics that show that they have just started filling in Smuggler's this past week. This is the same area in the above videos, about halfway up Smuggler's Gulch, about 200-200 yds from the fence. Right where they have blocked it off with No tresspassing signs (also recent over the last 2-3 weeks).

May 29th:

June 5th (same spot with fill dirt in place):

June 8th:

These are boulders that were there are in the Southeast corner of Smuggler's Gulch. Close to the fence right next to the trail that goes up on the mesa on the east side of the Gulch. I assume they are prep for filling in the gulch. I took these pictures on May 29th:

Here's an audio clip of me trying to get permission from Kiewit Construction company, the company that was awarded the contract to do the triple fence project, at their main offices to see the construction site.

Border Patrol presence is MUCH higher over the last month or so and lately I've noticed new types of vehicles like this one that I saw while walking out to the entrance to Smuggler's Gulch on Thurs June 5th.

I took this shot on the way out to Smuggler's Gulch on Thurs. June 5th. I felt their presence even more as I entered Smuggler's Gulch.